Sierra Foothills

Each year I plan a November visit to the wine regions of the Sierra Foothills to photograph the amazing vistas of fall color and visit some of my favorite winemakers in California. Harvest (and the few weeks following) is the most romantic time of year to be in a vineyard; the vines are heavy with [...]


Jonathan Lachs planned to go to medical school — until he became distracted by wine. As a pre-med student in the late 70’s, he took a course in winemaking, just for fun. After getting the second highest score in his class for the Grenache he made, he decided to change his life course. And it [...]

Carrie and Josh Bendick have a two-minute commute to their winery, by foot. They live in a house in the middle of their vineyard – the same house Carrie’s grandparents lived in when the vineyard was once a cattle farm. I stood on the balcony of their tasting room as Josh and Carrie emerged from [...]

When Bill Easton was seven years old, in the late 50’s, his parents would drag him along to tasting rooms in what is now known as the Sierra Foothills AVA (American Viticulture Area). While his parents were sipping Zinfandel, the seeds were being planted for Bill’s lifelong fascination with the Sierra Nevada mountain range and [...]