Wine Talk

Does it surprise you that someone who has a good palate for wine also has a good palate for food? I’ve met many great winemakers who are as passionate about food as they are about wine. My conversations with them often stray from the topic of wine to reminiscing about a memorable meal. Many are [...]

Several years ago I discovered I had a gluten sensitivity. When a doctor presented me with a long list of foods and beverages to avoid, I panicked until I saw that wine wasn’t on it. Bread, pasta, cookies…okay, I’ll give it all up. I get wine. A few years later when I was working for [...]

I don’t typically seek out organic wineries. But often when I find wines that I like, I discover they came from an organic or biodynamic vineyard. Growers who farm “naturally” not only care about the environment, but they feel it makes a better wine. So my process is this: I find wines that I like. [...]

Barrels often get a bad rap. But the bad taste you have in your mouth isn’t necessarily the barrel’s fault. The barrel might be overused or misused, or the cooper didn’t use the right techniques when making the barrel. Sometimes it’s the wine’s fault. A barrel shouldn’t be expected to cover up flaws or compensate [...]